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BGA replacement

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PC & Laptop repair
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Repair of phones and tablets
Data recovery
Repair of medical equipment
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Visel offers cooperation to firms and production organizations on computer repairs and maintenance. If your company is willing to have a reliable computer services then Visel is your trusted partner. Besides repair services our company offers variety of corporate services. Visel has been an official service partner of world brands such as Huawei, Acer, Canon, Asus and others. We have been implementing guaranteed product service repairs successfully for a solid period of time. Visel is always open to cooperation on partnership basis to establish service repair partnership. Leave us a message and we will make sure to answer you back.

Replacement of BGA components

About us

Visel is a computer repair company has been offering its services in Urgench, Khorezm region for more than five years. We have been servicing different companies during this period successfully. What we offer to our customers is distinctive with its guaranteed quality of service. We believe that accountability and professional service we offer is what makes us different from other companies. The variety of services we offer starts with a single computer diagnostics to complex processor repair and replacement. We also do offer our services of data recovery from damaged drives along with installing licensed software. Choosing our services you will get a superior quality of computer service and guarantee to our repairs. Being one of the leading computer repair company in the region Visel has become a local trusted brand. If you have any computer issues or you need a full diagnosis of your machines make sure you choose a trusted brand VISEL.

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